robert meza arizona
robert meza arizona

Endorsements for
Robert Meza

Anna Tovar
anna tovar meza
“Robert is dedicated to preventing and detecting cancer in its early stages by supporting innovative medical advances in this new area of medicine.”

— Anna Tovar
State Representative
Cancer Survivor

Debbie McCune-Davis
devvie mccune davis meza
“Robert has served alongside me for the last decade, and in that time no team has fought harder for the right of our children than us. Whether it be through legislation to increase funding for schools or by supporting KidsCare, Robert is a fervent advocate of giving children the proper treatment they deserve.”

— Debbie McCune-Davis
State Representative

David Lujan
david lujan meza
“The leadership and talent Robert continually shows as a proactive member of the State Senate comes directly from his ability to connect with people and their community as a whole, developing permanent solutions for these individual and unique communities.”

— Former State Senator David Lujan

Delany Broome
delany broome meza
“Robert has been so great to me over the years, especially during stressful times, and I am truly grateful for his guidance. When I was determining where I would go to college, Robert helped me remain focused on the best decision for me and for my future, even finding opportunities for me in scholarships and internships. Now, a sophomore at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, he continues to aid my success in providing wisdom through his positive energy and intellect.”

— Delany Broome
College Sophomore

Krysten Sinema
krysten sinema meza
“As an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University, I witness the continued need for a support in higher education, and Robert’s extensive understanding of reaching out to teens, motivating them to further their education and providing availability in scholarships…makes him a critical player in education, specifically the transition into higher level education.”

— State Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Terry Goddard
terry goddard meza
“Having worked closely with Robert over his past decade of service, he has my full faith that every judgement he makes is based on fairness and equality for all Arizonans.”

— Terry Goddard
Former Attorney General of Arizona

Felecia Rotellini
felecia rotellini meza

— Felecia Rotellini
Candidate for Attorney General of Arizona

Chad Campbell
chad campbell meza

— Chad Campbell
Arizona House Minority Leader

Michele Saucedo
michele saucedo meza
“I am honored to call Robert my mentor, honored to have shared with him my educational success, and now my professional growth. Living to serve and to empower under-served youth, Robert constantly proves why knowledge is power, and how it is an essential tool to invest in the advancement of our community.”

— Michele Saucedo

Jean Lineburger
jean lineburger meza
“Robert Meza was instrumental in removing predatory lenders, who where charging incredibly high interest rates on short term loans to those in desperate times, from my neighborhood and the state. I have been a resident for over 50 years, and through Robert’s legislation, he has made it the safest it's ever been.”

— Jean Lineburger
Active Resident & Senior Citizen

Estela Salcido
jean lineburger meza
“Through Robert’s understanding of addressing problems at the root causes, instead of just treating the symptoms, my neighborhood has become a safer place. Huge problems in speeding and car accidents have now been resolved with Robert’s bill.”

— Estela Salcido
Active Resident & Senior Citizen

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robert meza arizona
robert meza arizona

Rewards & Recognitions

  • 100% from Childrens Alliance
  • Arizona League of Cities and Towns Award
  • Arizona Tech Award
  • Arizona Dancing with the Stars People’s Choice Award
  • 100% from Arizona Arts Commission


robert meza 2014 arizona
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